Are you well protected? In an age where security threats are abundant and complex, individuals with a high net worth and valuable assets require a solid defense strategy. Here at 001, we offer luxury executive protection services for high profile individuals and their households. We understand that such individuals who have reached a high level of success and prominence require the ultimate protection against external elements.

Did you know that high net worth individuals represent less than one percent of the nation’s population? They are important to our economy because they account for at least forty percent of the world’s wealth. Therefore, such individuals require maximum protection from several varying angles. And that’s where we come into play.

001 Provides Elite VIP Security Services Like No Other

Today’s executives and high profile individuals are faced with great security risks that require an increased level of planning, coordination, and management for optimal defense. Our luxury security services ensure the personal well being of your household as well as privacy protection. Our clients can expect discreet security services that don’t interfere with the quality of their lifestyle.

Many high profile people make the mistake of hiring subpar agencies that only provide basic security services and employ workers that lack formal training. Our luxury executive protection services go well beyond the basic scope of protection that you can expect from other agencies. We offer a customized security strategy that is based upon our client’s individual needs.

What exactly can you expect from our VIP security services?

Effective Risk Mitigation and Management

We employ a variety of risk mitigation strategies to provide the ultimate security services to our billionaire clients. Along with cutting edge technology, our security experts take an analytical approach to identifying, managing, and mitigating risks for our high profile clients. Risk mitigation is a crucial part of our premium executive protection plan because it involves decreasing threat levels by assessing areas in which you are vulnerable to an attack. Our security experts formulating a strategy that blocks opportunities for an attack.

Our risk management solution aims to protect every element of your life including, business and personal. Whether it’s at the office, while traveling or at home with the family, we are able to assess vulnerabilities, determine the probability of critical threats, and limit or prevent the damage of such hostile acts.

Live Your Best Life Without Interruption

Security has the power to hamper or enable one’s life. Depending on the quality of service provided one can feel as if they have lost their personal freedom or that they’re sticking out socially. On the contrary, the ideal security service provides peace of mind. We understand that it’s all about balance. Here at 001, our executive protection agents have been specially trained to be discreet. Our clients can expect the right amount of privacy all the while feeling safe and sound.

Having a level of notoriety can be challenging enough. The right security partners allow you to live the life you desire without compromising personal safety.

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